Jeanette Salvesen
Jeanette Salvesen
Children's Book Illustrator

Children's Book Illustrator


About Me

My name is Jeanette Salvesen.
I'm a 22 year old girl from Norway with an obvious love for the cute and childish. When I was 16 years old I decided that I wanted to become a children book illustrator.

I work mostly with watercolour, which is my favorite medium. I also paint a little bit digital, even though I don't have the same experience with digital as with watercolour.
I take inspiration from old illustration and animation, anything with an warm and nostalgic feeling, and that is something I hope shows in my work.


I have studied two years at the art school Einar Granum Kunstfagskole in Oslo (Fall 2007 - spring 2009).

For the moment I have decided to take a break from my art education.

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If you want to see more works and regular updates you can visit my deviantART account: , were I upload more or less everything I make.
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